Health Economics Modelling and Analysis

Our health economics modelling and analysis service involves the development and application of sophisticated mathematical and statistical models to assess the economic implications of healthcare interventions. These models allow us to analyze and quantify the potential impact of various health policies, treatments, or health technologies on both cost and outcomes.

Through health economics modelling and analysis, we provide our clients with valuable insights into the cost-effectiveness, budget impact, and overall economic value of their healthcare interventions. This service helps stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, and policymakers, make informed decisions by considering the economic consequences of different healthcare strategies.

Our services include:

  •  Economic evaluations of health interventions

    • Cost-effectiveness/utility analysis (CEA/CUA)

    • Decision trees, Markov models, discrete event simulation, cohort/microsimulations, and dynamic models.

    • Cost-minimization analysis (CMA)

    • Cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

  • Budget impact analysis

    • Evaluating the affordability of an intervention for national and local payers

  • Model adaptations

    • National and local model review and adaptation

    • Adapting models using local data

    • Understanding of local requirements

    • HTA submission/payer communication support

  • Cost analysis

  • Disease burden studies

  • Multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA)

  • Health econometrics studies